This isn’t a workshop. This isn’t about 30 photographers in a room, all at different points in their career, being sold a lifestyle by a rockstar. This is 1:1. You and me. No-one else, and with the day tailored for you and you alone. It might be technical, it might be business, it might be creative. You decide and together we get you there. You might want some of these options….

Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe


Lightroom – editing, processing, utilising presets, managing your image library
Workflow – and not just in Lightroom. Every aspect of how you can streamline what you do
Client communications – what’s good, what works – from emails and phone calls to contracts
Backing up – why to do it and how to do it
Kit – what to buy and when to buy it. And what’s a waste of time and money
Your presence – web, logos, branding. Who to be
Finding your clients – where and who you want to photograph and how to achieve it


Light – what is means, where you find it and how to use it
Kit – how to use what you have, and when
Composition – the rules, why they’re there and when to break them
Zoom or prime – the pros and cons and what they do for you
Working with couples – how to direct without posing

I offer two options:

1. Skype consults – 2 hours for £195 and £75 for any subsequent hours needed

2. A full day with me – £500 including lunch and all the coffee you can drink

So, why me? In a previous life I consulted for blue-chip companies refining workflow and business processes. That means I’m good at trimming the fat and directing energy where it makes sense. It’s now applied to my own business. Talk to me and apply it to yours.

In this life I’m a very experienced wedding photographer with over 450 weddings to my name. I’ve built my business on 2 things. My photography and me. The rest falls into place when you find your voice. As the Helsinki Bus Station theory goes, stay on the bus. Google that, it’s well worth reading.

The only thing that matters is finding your voice in world of similarity. Staying true to how you want to shoot and work, and learning to say no. No workshops selling you presets that everyone else is using. Don’t get sucked into that. Nothing is off-limits here. You want to know something, it’s yours.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about where you want to go.