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This is a big one for me. You’ll see words like reportage, candid, documentary as you wander around the web looking at wedding photographers. Focus less on the words than the photos. They’ll tell you what you need to know. If I had to pick a word to describe how I work it would be ‘documentary’ because I’m documenting weddings. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Essentially I’m not staging or setting shots up. My impact on the day is minimal and discreet. I look for honesty, emotion, context.

I hope that appeals to you.

How would you define your style?

Someone, but not everyone. Sound a bit daft that, I know. So what do I mean?

I mean a couple who are looking for a party at their wedding. Who aren’t into overly traditional, formal, or buttoned-up. They know what makes them tick, they absolutely love great photography and they know that great is rarely cheap.

A couple who want their story told whilst having a damn good time. They want honest. They want real. They want original. They want something that shows them.

What they don’t want is forced, cheesy, pretend, fake. They don’t want an hour of group photos. They don’t want to be told to jump. They don’t want something they’re not.

I might not be for you. But if that sounds like your thing then we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Who is your typical client?

I feel your pain. Really I do. I'm terrible the other side of the lens. But, pretty much every couple you see on this site have voiced the same concern. I reckon we did ok. It's my job to help you and give you the direction that can help you nail it (which you will).

We really aren't good in front of a camera....

How do we book you?

I work on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your wedding date, I just need a deposit of £500 and a signed contract.

How many photos do we get for our wedding? Is there anything else included?

I usually end up at around 500-600 for a final wedding edit but there are no hard limits on numbers. However many it is that make the final edit, you get. High resolution, via digital download, with no watermarks or passwords. Your photos, with an unlimited personal use licence for print and copy, and for you to use on social media and the like. They’re also uploaded to a password-protected online gallery for you, and you can then share this with friends and family.

Do you travel for weddings?

I certainly do. Whilst many of my wedding commissions are within my local counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and London, I love shooting weddings all over the UK and abroad.

Recent seasons have taken from Sorrento to Edinburgh, from Somerset to Essex, from Devon to Kent, from Jersey to Gloucestershire and from Paris to Dorset, and just about anywhere and everywhere between. I’m more than happy to travel internationally, please just ask for details.

not many people love having their photo taken. my job is to make it effortless for you both

Absolutely. I shoot with Sony A9 cameras (and they're totally silent which vicars and registrars really love) and pro-level Sony Gold Master and Zeiss lenses. I back-up to two cards in-camera and keep copies of each wedding locally and remotely. I'm fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability.

Do you have backup kit and insurance?

All the edited photos in your gallery are print-ready and there are no restrictions on you doing so. They’re your photos, so please do!

There's a full print service through the online gallery included in all packages, along with my own access to the finest UK print labs around.

Can we print our photos? Can you offer prints for our home?

Absolutely. These are weekdays only, and you can expect around 50-70 photos for these. Just get in touch for more details.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

Do you offer wedding albums?

Again, absolutely! I can provide all the details you need about these. One thing you won’t ever get from me is high-pressure selling. You want an album? I’ll get you the best. But you decide if and when.

Can you provide a second photographer?

I normally work alone, preferring the minimal impact a single photographer has on the day. My approach is based on being as low-key as possible and that’s much harder to achieve with a pair of photographers. However I can provide an excellent second photographer for larger weddings or for those couples who really want that.

What will you wear?

I hear some horror stories about what wedding photographers can turn up in. I wear smart chinos, quiet shoes and a nice polo shirt (summer) or shirt (winter). It's comfortable enough for me to work hard in, but smart enough that I'll fit in at a wedding.

Do you shoot family formals?

Most definitely. I shoot a few formal groups at pretty much every wedding (unless the couple don't want any). I don't put them on my site because I'm booked for my documentary coverage and portraiture.

Can we meet you before the wedding?

You sure can. If logistics/distance work we can meet up for a coffee/beer/wine. If not we can Zoom and do it that way.

It's not a photoshoot. it's the opposite of that. Think of it as you showing the world who you are

Can you recommended any specific suppliers?

I sure can. Just get in touch with what you're after and I'll send their details over for you.


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