Shall we call them micro weddings then? It seems as good a name as any for these smaller days that some incredible couples have made happen despite a barrage of changes, restrictions and barriers.

And yet, and yet. Showing resiliences, determination and a desire, no a *need* to get it done, to be together as they wanted, these weddings below show you what can be done with some creativity, imagination and a whole lot of love.

Spanning the counties from Hampshire, to Sussex, to Surrey and Oxfordshire, here are 6 of them. All shot by me last year. All with couples who had bigger days planned (and still do) but who flexed to do what you see here.

This year, like the one just gone, events might conspire against what you had originally planned. That doesn't mean it all has to end though. Far from it. Instead it might mean some changes, some moves, and some ideas that would have seemed mad a year ago. Now though, we take what we can right?

If that's the case for you, whether or not you still have bigger plans to fulfil further down the road, then get in touch. I've shot a bunch of these now and they have their own unique flavour. I love them. If you need it, let's get it done.