I work with the most amazing people. Anyone on this list is someone I've worked with personally and who I'd be happy to have at my own wedding. I can offer no higher praise than that.


Eden Blooms

Gill Pike

Hannah Martin

Kate Avery

The White Horse Flower

Hannah Berry

Make-up & Hair:

Melissa Oldridge

Carolanne Armstrong

Catherine at A Finishing Touch

Holly Andersen

Claire Bowring

Sharon Roberts

Kaz Fernando

Catherine Bailey

Gemma Sutton

Natasha Wiggins

Jessica Short

Katy Djokic


Reel Weddings

Foster Films

Shaun Young

Storybook Films

Jeff Wood Visuals

Tie the Knot




The Guns

Tux Fizz

Captain Atlantic

The Salvation

The Talent

The Mini Big Band


Nat Raybould

Hannah Osmond

Zena Birch

Nicole van Zomeren