Some things to read before we talk cash money:

  1. I’ve been doing this a long time. and I’m pretty good at it. That’s what my past couples and their guests have told me, so it must be true right?
  2. I will edit your photos myself, and they’ll look like what you see here. I’m not into the latest moody shit from the USA. Weddings are about colour and laughter and tears and love. I want to show that, not make you look like you’re in American Gothic.
  3. I’m good with people. I will almost certainly take the piss out of you at some point, and I fully expect (nay, demand) you to do the same.
  4. If you want to Zoom before booking we can absolutely do that.
  5. This is a two-way street. You’re spending a lot of money on me and your wedding, so I know that’s a lot of trust. On the day that means I need you lean into that trust, immerse yourself in having the best bloody day, and let me worry about this stuff. I won’t ask much of you, just be yourselves and relax.
  6. Let me worry about the weather. It might rain. Because of the 8 different weather apps on my phone I will already have planned for it. It’s the one thing that we can’t control, but we can work with and around it. Just be flexible on the day if it does.
  7. I am a cyclist and therefore am always hungry. If you can feed me on your wedding day I will love you forever.
  8. I am NOT a salesman. I will not ask you to buy albums or try and upsell to you. That makes my teeth itch.
  9. Over 600 couples have booked me. That’s a lot of trust over the years. If you’ve read this, and my ‘About Me‘ and still like the sound of it, I hope you’ll be one of them.

Nothing added, nothing hidden, nothing extra. This about us making that connection for the biggest day of your lives, and have a good laugh while we do it.

I shoot a maximum of 35 weddings per year. I’m now 90% booked for  2023. There’s a deposit of £500, and the rest can be paid any time up to 1 month before your wedding. Just get in touch and I’ll send you all the info over, along with full pricing details….

Just get in touch to chat more. For guidance, wedding commissions range from £1850 to £3000.

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding photographer

What you get...

- Start 2 hrs before the ceremony and finish a little after the first dance
- Minimum of 500 images, delivered within 4 weeks of your wedding
- Digital delivery
- High resolution images, fully edited
- Free downloads for everyone
- A slideshow of images
- Fast previews
- All UK travel is included

Add some extras

+ Additional hours
+ Pre-wedding shoots
+ Albums start
+ For HUGE weddings a second photographer
+ Bringing your dog is FREE