So, you might spot a few changes if you’ve been here before. Big changes to be honest.

A completely new site. Totally new branding and a look and feel that’s much more me. Big images front and centre, a portfolio based approach with a blog sitting behind it all. Aside from the blog content nothing has been carried over from the old site.

I’m thrilled with how it looks. It’s all about the photography, and much more elegant. Responsive as well, so it scales for phones and tablets.

If you’re seeing your wedding here I hope you love the new look. I can’t wait to add more from all the weddings to come.

New site homepageNew site blog New site portfolio



Thanks so much Eliza. Hope you’re well!

Loving the changes on the site. Been a while since I checked your blog but loving your work all the more! very easy to navigate through everything too. Well done

Thanks so much Juliet!

Guy the site looks absolutely stunning. I love your new logo, it’s practically perfect, and the overall look is so clean and image focused.

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