My wedding season begins tomorrow, at the always wonderful Gate Street Barn, so it seems timely to blog Gate Street Barn Christmas wedding photography! I love a bit of symmetry.

So, take a bow Lolly and Olly (aka Loliver) for putting on an incredible day which threw us into the Xmas week with a huge slice of joy. I must get some early thanks in – to my colleagues for the day, India and the team at Gate Street Barn for being as ace as ever, to Carol and everyone at Tandem Catering for their superb food, to Melissa Oldridge for killing the make-up and hair (and just weeks after her first baby so huge congrats there!), to Gill Pike for awesome floristry, and to Chris at Chess for packing the dancefloor out as always. To Lolly’s bridesmaids and to Olly’s groomsmen for being utterly brilliant from start to finish. Thank you all. 

We began at the lovely Tor Hatch just ouside Shere for Lolly’s prep and a house full of laughter. From there we had a short journey over to Gate Street but one that could be described as eventful as, just a mile from Gate Street and 45 minutes before the ceremony, another driver decided some building work was more interesting than the road and fancied a closer look at the back of my car. A close look that meant it would be off the road for 6 weeks. With everyone ok and details exchanged my wedding head was firmly back on and it was straight into a beautiful ceremony. Perfect winter sun outside as we chased the light on the shortest day of the year. The elegance of a perfectly executed winter wedding with a group of people hard to beat in any setting. Lolly is an event professional for her job so it was no surprise to see the day flow as seamlessly as it did. 

What a day. With Xmas just days away the atmosphere was always going to be a bit special, but these two took it to another level. Everything about them clicks. It works, they work. The future is theirs. 

As I drove my battered car home I still had a huge smile on my face. This couple made that happen. I can’t ever ask for more from this job. And what a job it is. 

Thank you both. You absolutely killed it.

Gate Street Barn Christmas wedding photography by Guy Collier Photography

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