Oh February you really did spoil us. Ending the opening month of my 2017 season are the quite wonderful Aubrey and Joe. Or rather, New Jersey meets Surrey……do your worst Trump, you won’t stop love like this. No-one can when you meet The One.

This was very special. Two people crossing oceans to be together. Families flown to meet and join. Friends from around the globe. All in Surrey and all for Aubrey and Joe. All for love.

So let’s begin. We start just over 2 years ago. A meeting in a New York bar. Transatlantic flights. A longing that wouldn’t ease. A distance that needed to be overcome. A distance that was overcome, and how. This day begins just outside Guildford. Aubrey’s parents, Helen and Van. Her bridesmaids, Amy and Morganne. A massive thank you to all for their warm welcome. It was obvious today was going to be exactly what a wedding should be.

Next over to St Michael’s at Betchworth, deep in the Surrey hills. Joe and his twin brother, Ben, waiting for the moments to come. Peter, Anthony and Brandon, the ushers, guiding friends and family as excitement crackled in the crisp February air. Aubrey’s arrival taking many breaths away. A couple made to be together. Distance means nothing. It melts away and the ocean becomes a pond to be crossed.

Another drive across Surrey, to the familiar and ever-splendid Gate Street Barn. A huge thank you to Lucy here for all her help over recent years at this, her last ever wedding at Gate Street before starting a new adventure in events. A huge thanks to Carole and her team at Tandem for great food and drink.

Such easy company, such joie de vivre, such a desire to be with each other. That’s Aubrey and Joe. A couple who needed no help falling into each other. A couple who are clearly deeply loved by many. A couple who gave me the very essence of who they are and who made the camera sing.

I really could not ask for more from any couple, and every moment of today sang with love, humour and emotion. Quite frankly I had an absolute ball with the people you see below. I have to pinch myself that this is an actual job sometimes.

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen” ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Today I saw that. If you were there you would have. If you weren’t just look below. You’ll understand.

Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Aubrey + Joe


I have been waiting and waiting to see the photos and these are beautiful beyond belief… From the exquisitely beautiful bride and her handsome groom, to the smiles on everyone’s faces, to the fabulous fairytale setting… Best wishes to all!!!! Thank you for sharing these meaningful memories with me! Susan

Aubrey, I have known you for many years now, but I have never seen you look so beautiful and happy! All my sincere best wishes to you and Joe as you start your journey through life together! What a truly wonderful wedding in such a historic setting………everything was just perfect! Cheers, Mrs. Cummings!

Michelle R. Clark-Stubbs

How Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your extraordinary day. The picture of Dad raising the veil did me in…. tears were flowing….. May God bless you both with a life that echoes the happiness of your wedding day. Love to you both, Aunt Michelle,Sam and Mckenna Lin

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