Well this is a barrel of laughs isn't it. It might seem that planning a wedding right now is MADNESS. But as the saying goes, the show must go on....and right now we are almost there.

If you're here on this page - and it's not one I thought I'd ever have to write - it's because you've got in touch with me about your weddings. This is written with the advice and knowledge as I have it, and I'll update as we move into Act 3 of what seems to be us all starring in a Zombie film. All films have a third act right?

The current update here was written on 7th July 2021.

Finally, finally. We might have a roadmap out of this....

  1. What will I do as your wedding photographer? I'll help with anything and everything I can and also......see number 2 below.
  2. I've had it. Yes indeed. I didn't need hospital and it wasn't super fun, but after a couple weeks of recovery it's all good. Phew. Turns out that keeping fit and cycling loads helps apparently. I've now had both vaccinations as well as COVID itself.
  3. As of today, 7th July, weddings will no longer be subject to any restrictions from July 19th 2021. How good does that feel to type?
  4. If you are thinking of moving your date I've now created an real-time availability calendar for you HERE
  5. Using that link above will allow you to see the dates I'm already booked for and should help you work with your venue to find dates that suit.
  6. You won't incur any costs through moving your date (certainly with me) and the whole industry is now still pivoting to help you all out. If you are thinking about that then please just get in touch with date options and we can work from there. Cancelling just means losing all your carefully chosen suppliers and venues, along with cost implications, and puts you back to square one. I'm here to help with any new dates!! Please note that if you need to move I will NOT charge you another booking fee.
  7. There will be businesses in this industry that go under during this. I won't be one of them. Right at the beginning of this I took decisions that have allowed me to build up an even more solid financial grounding. You don't need to to worry about me going under in 2021 and I'm in a good place for 2022 and beyond.

There's not much more we can do right now apart from wash our hands and look after each other. This will pass, the world will look a little different and we might just start caring less about the cheapest things we can buy and more about community. Silver linings and all that. I'm here for whatever you need. Deep breaths, hands washed, keep those you love safe and better days are coming. 2021 has started badly, but there's now light at the end of the tunnel rather than more tunnel. Big love to you all.