And so to Devon! Or more specifically the gorgeous seaside town of Beer, and the wedding of the wonderful Sarah and Ruben. An Anglo-Dutch union, and a joy to be a part of…..and now for some Devon wedding photography.

I drove down the evening before to avoid the craxy school holiday traffic and, after a good night’s sleep in Honiton, headed down to Beer. Sadly RAIN. Pretty much all day, but happily LOVELY PEOPLE. Definitely all day. The weather did curtail our plans to get onto the beach, but that’s England in the summer for you and with a couple as chilled as Sarah and Ruben they just rolled with it. It’s the only thing you can do and the one thing we can’t control. Like I said, England in the summer!

Sarah’s prep was at her family home, and we’d be back there for the reception, and the house had it all going on when I arrived. It was just a short walk down a (very steep) hill to the church and a phalanx of umbrellas as the guests assembled. One look at the faces shows you how much they were all looking forward to this wedding, and with good reason. After a lovely ceremony it was drinks in the church before heading back up to the house for the rest of the day. Rain suitably dodged, smiles for days, food and drink all flowing, and laughter bouncing around the house. Two countries coming together, and two cultures melting into one. These are the days to remember, and the people to recall.

Central, of course, were two people. Sarah and Ruben. A simply terrific match. Warm, gregarious, funny, quick. They live just up the road from me in Reading, but today they were in their own world. One made from two lives joining to create one for the future. There’s something about how easy they are together. No effort, no artifice. Just genuine love. Isn’t that all that really matters?

As I drove back to Hampshire that evening, through heavy rain and high winds, I was left with that genuine love they have for each other. It is all that matters, and we saw it today. For Sarah and Ruben it’ll be every day.

Thank you so much for having me there. This is your story…..

Devon wedding photography by Guy Collier Photography

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Absolutely perfect pictures.

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