Autumn is upon us, and with it comes little slices of perfection. Dreamy days of Bury Court Barn wedding photography - Esther + Gregor. Perfection like a day with Esther and Gregor at Bury Court Barn. Days come no finer than this. The heat of that crazy summer has relented and is replaced by cool breezes and the beginning of the burnished, warm tones of my favourite season. From a wedding photographer's perspective it also marks the slowing of the mayhem that is the peak summer wedding months. Time to breathe, time to look at the lengthening shadows, time to watch the seasons unfold again. I adore autumn. Give me weddings like this and just gets better.

This post also coincides with the launch of my new website. My old one had served me well but I wanted to bring a new look and feel, one that's timed almost to match my move from Nikon to Sony - a move that has really excited me and the performance and absolute silence of the Sony A9 bodies and Zeiss lenses has been a revelation. This new site is fresher, cleaner and easier to both navigate and read. It places the photography front and centre alongside clearer use of fonts and structure, and I hope you agree it's both elegant and creative in its approach and really showcases work I'm hugely proud of. I'm very happy with it.

Enough of the housekeeping though - Esther and Gregor are why we're here so allow to talk about them and what this day gave us. So, some thanks to excellent fellow suppliers on the day - to Suzanne and her team at the gorgeous Bury Court Barn. To Jules and all at the sublime Jacaranda for superb food, drink and hospitality. To Catherine at A Finishing Touch for hair and make-up excellence. To the lads at Rollercoaster for bringing it to the dancefloor every single time. To Memory Box Films alongside me on video, newcomers to the industry but an absolute joy to work alongside this husband and wife team.

If I had to pick words to describe Esther and Gregor they'd be legion. Funny, warm, easy-going, full of life, loved, loving, smiling, laughing, made to be together. They're just words though, and they merely hint at what a wonderful pair this is. Everything about today was a reflection of their relaxed and wide-eyed approach to life. I think they're just brilliant. From the moment I arrived to when I left to the sounds of the evening party in full swing it was a blast. No fuss, no drama. Just a day filled with love, laughter and a fair bit of whisky and gin. The best of days. The best of people.

Esther and Gregor. You smashed it. Thank you both so much. This is your story...

Bury Court Barn wedding photography - Esther + Gregor by Guy Collier Photography

Bury Court Barn wedding photography - Esther + Gregor Bury Court Barn wedding photography - Esther + Gregor


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