So that was 2016.

I still can’t quite take it all in. 50 couples booked me for their weddings. 50 couples who trusted me on one of the most important days of their lives. 50 couples who, I hope, have photography that will last and live with them as the years pass. In the midst of the year, and the mayhem that ensues, it’s easy to lose sight of why I do this.

Looking back at the 360 images below it’s easy to remember why. It’s for love.

Every single wedding below had something very special, and that was usually the two people at the centre. In a year that’s taken me to Tuscany and Sorrento – via Surrey, London, Essex, Sussex, Wiltshire, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Somerset and Oxfordshire – there has been one constant. Love. It might sound like a cliche but it’s no less true if it is. It’s what sustains us all. It’s what we live for and search for. This year has, once again, taken me to the heart of lives. We live in small worlds. But this job allows me to take a look into the worlds of others. What worlds they are.

Thank you. Each and every one of you.

To Emily and Peter, Ashley and Henry, David and Hollie, Daniel and Lisa, Eric and Gloria, Rebecca and James, Chris and Sheri, Lucy and Ugo, Claire and Simon, Emily and Tom, Heather and Pat, Jo and Jamie, Katie and Taylor, Sapphire and Mike, Rachel and Nick, Lucie and Matt, Michael and Katrina, Lara and Adam, Leah and Baron-Jon, Juliet and Steve, Becky and Todd, Louise and Spencer, Jayme and David, Sarah and Stephen, Roisin and Moubim, Sarah and Steve, Claire and JW, Hannah and James, Sabine and Steve, Rachel and Jon, Rachel and James, Libby and Alex, Gloria and Frederik, Russell and LJ, Claire and Tom, Hannah and Stewart, Cheryl and James, Tara and Ed, Tom and Nadia, Ben and Stephen, Rebecca and Simon, Emma and Jordan, James and Katie, Clare and Ian, Claire and Dan, Victoria and Lewis, Sophia and Jeremy, Camilla and Dave and Karen and Ed.

Just thank you. For being the people you are. For finding each other. For inviting me in.

You rocked.

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