2021. Holy Shit. That was some year wasn't it?

A year when we all started breathing again. When I again strove to be the best Surrey wedding photographer that I can be. That doesn't change, even after 15 years I'm determined to make each year better than the last. I won't lie though - 2021 was both the toughest and most rewarding yet. We've all had to find our own way through the last 22 months, with no manual, no guidebook, no routes planned out. It's been brutal, bewildering, uncertain, emotional. And yet, and yet....

Days. Like. These. That feeling of lungs opening up. Warmth on the skin. Arms opened for one another again, with embraces tight and wrapping people up. Life starting once more. Friends and families back together after far, far too long. These are all words I would never expect to be writing, but the world has taken on many hues since March 2020. Finally we have colour back.

The colour was provided in large by the people you see below - to each and every one of you I cannot thank you enough. Some of you had to move 6 times before we got there. Most of 2021 was couples who should have married a year earlier, sometimes longer. I think I ended up moving 48 couples 97 times across 2020 and 2021. Please let's never have to do that again! You stuck with me, we found a way to make it all work. Together we got there.

And in the end it was pretty damn epic. That's down to you all. To the wonderful venues I work at, and to my incredible fellow suppliers who also turned themselves inside out to fit 12 months of work into 7 months. You are all heroes and I hope you had as brilliant a time as I did.

The last word, though, goes to the couples you see here. Amidst all the chaos you somehow turned up and made amazing days happen, often with smiles as big as Surrey itself. Your days finally happened. I was lucky enough to be there to photograph it all. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Thank you. All of you.

As ever choose your media preference below - a year in 42 seconds, and then each photo within that below. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

2022, you're up next. Let's make it even better.

Best Surrey wedding photographer - Guy Collier Photography

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Venues featured in this post were: Bury Court Barn, Gate Street Barn, Cowdray House, The Bingham Riverhouse, Lains Barn, Cain Manor, Pitzhanger Manor, Farnham Castle, The Landmark Hotel, Marylebone Old Town Hall, Wick Farm, Ashdown Park, Botleys Mansion, Pennsylvania Castle, Compton Verney, Coltsford Mill, One Whitehall Place and quite a few churches!

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